Are you wondering why neem is the most talked about tree these days? Here you will get the answer to all your doubts regarding neem tree. Also known as “divine tree” or “life giving tree”, neem has been known to mankind since ages. The medicinal properties of the Neem tree have been well known in India for over 4,000 years. The healing properties of Neem are spoken about in some of the world’s oldest books and today the world is talking about the tree because the scientists have found amazing medicinal uses of neem. Till a few years ago, this was just a tree used traditionally. But in the past decades, most of the research done of the tree has revealed the tremendous benefits of using it. Hence we have decided to bring in light the 20 most crucial neem benefits and after reading this, you would also agree that neem is one of the most outstanding herbs out there. Check out the 20 most striking and amazing uses of neem.

  1. Effective in Leprosy: The skin lesions and deformities in case of leprosy can be very disfiguring and for these reasons the infected individuals historically were considered outcasts in many cultures. Thankfully, today we have solution to leprosy. Although it can be dealt with allopathic drugs, the most famous way to tackle with infections like leprosy is using neem. The leaves of the tree are used extensively by the patients of leprosy all over the world.
  2. Acts as astringent: The leaves of neem acts as astringent and his is why it is used in several types of infections. Be it skin infection or stomach infections, if you drink the extract of neem leaves regularly, the results can be magnificent. It is given in infections like herpes, and one can also apply the paste externally on skin wounds etc. This reduces the chances of developing a secondary infection.
  3. Neem is used in eye disorders: One of the most common uses of neem is in treating various types of eye disorders. With regular use of neem, you can not only treat any type of infection developing in the eye, you can also keep your eyes healthy with a perfect vision. Although this requires a lot of effort, but you can always do it with neem.
  4. Use neem for bloody nose: Putting neem juice drops into the nostril immediately stops the nose bleed. Some people even roast the leaves of neem and apply them on their forehead to keep nose bleeding at bay. There are different reasons behind nose bleed, but you can find always find a solution with neem, right?
  5. Say good bye to intestinal worms: Intestinal worms are the weirdest of all the things one can have in their stomach. Jokes apart, they are the most difficult problem to tackle and worms leave a long lasting impact on your intestine. Unfortunately, the allopathic medicines too leave similar destruction. This is why many people opt for neem leaves to eradicate the uninvited guests.
  6. Calm down your upset stomach with neem: Out of the several neem benefits, this one is of use to many. You can calm down your upset stomach with the use of neem juice. The only hurdle in this is the bitter taste of neem juice. If you can bear it, everything else will be taken care of by this holistic drink.
  7. Regain the lost appetite: If you don’t feel hungry at all, try drinking a few spoons of neem juice and your appetite will improve magically. This is one of the benefits of neem juice where allopathic drugs ware least effective.
  8. Heal skin ulcers faster: As far as skin is concerned, you cannot find a match to neem oil and neem juice. Although it can be used to almost every part from head to toe, it is the skin that receives the most from the herbal tree. Neem oil is sometimes prescribed by doctors in case of acute skin ulcer.
  9. Neem controls cardiovascular disease: Neem has more potential than we can imagine and the scientist care able to prove till now. One of the neem benefits is its action against cardiovascular diseases. This class of diseases has been taking millions of lives every year and if we can save ourselves from this menace, it is likely that we will end up living longer.
  10. Neem relieves high fever: One of the traditional neem benefits is to relieve fever due to various reasons. Some people directly apply the leaves on the forehead while others use the extract prepared by the leaves and bark. Now, the antipyretic action of neem is well proven in science as well.
  11. Neem in Urticaria: Urticaria is a type of skin rash that occurs on any part of our body due to allergic reaction. The exact allergen is almost impossible to identify but in general food, medicines or season change are the common culprits. The good news is that you can use neem against this acute allergy too.
  12. Neem is effective against diabetes: Diabetes needs no introduction and there are diabetes patients in every corner of the world. If you too are a diabetes sufferer, you might have been told that it is incurable. Yes, it is incurable, but you can always manage the symptoms with the uses of neem.
  13. Try neem in gingivitis to see the magic: Have you ever tried to clear your teeth with a stick of neem instead of your toothbrush? Neem sticks are available online as well as offline and people use it as toothbrush many times. If you too use it, getting rid of gingivitis is one of the neem benefits you will get for sure. Neem is also included in many toothpastes and gargles. But you can never trust the presence in such products and to get effective results, you should use it in natural form.
  14. Liver problem and neem: According to a recent research, neem leaf appears to minimize chemically induced liver damage in rats, stabilizing serum levels of serum marker enzymes. In the same study, it has also been evaluated for its toxicity. The study found it safe and effective in liver problems and we should thank god for it, right?
  15. Neem is used in malaria: Some studies have clearly mentioned to use neem bark in malarial fever. It reduces the high temperature normally and the bark also has some anti malarial components. Ayurveda too supports the various uses of neem and malaria is surely on the list.
  16. Hair problems and neem bark: The extract of the bark of neem is applied to head as it reduces dandruff, relieves you in problems like lice, and also has several other advantages. This is an age old remedy and you too can try it as it is safe as well as magically effective.
  17. Get relief in hemorrhoids with neem: Hemorrhoids is very painful to explain and it is also difficult to get rid of. Even if you go through the painful surgical procedure, it is likely that you will see the painful growth again. Hence you mandatorily need natural help like neem.
  18. Neem is the only solution to recurrent UTI: Just like hemorrhoids, Urinary tract infections are also problems that can occur again and again. Taking medicines every time a UTI hits you increases the frequency of the infection as your immunity is compromised. Hence, it is better you take help from effective herbs.
  19. Neem improves fertility: One of the very famous uses of neem is to improve the male fertility. By naturally improving the low sperm levels, this natural remedy helps many to have a child without any complications.
  20. Skin diseases and neem: whether it is acne or eczema, itching, dermatitis or psoriasis, you can always get tremendous relief in neem. People bath in the water after boiling neem leaves to it.

So, after reading these 20 uses of neem, we can easily conclude that neem can be used in almost every human problem. This is why neem is included in some of the ancient ayurvedic preparations too. And something that is certified to be beneficial by ayurveda can be easily trusted, right? Don’t worry, even if you trust scientific findings the most, you can rely on this herb. Neem is one of the most outstanding herbs out there because it is traditionally used, medically tested and practically tried. Its magnificent properties, usefulness, amazing healing abilities and never ending health enhancing capabilities make the tree a precious herb. Nature has gifted us with neem as a wonder product and now utilizing it lies entirely into your hands. Neem can be seen as a key to live a healthy life and if you know how to utilize it, you can solve more than half of the health problems that an average human suffers from. Now, you know what neem is and how much useful it is, and we leave the major aspect of utilizing it.

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