Acne is a very common problem that affects many people just like me. It affects about 90% of adolescents as well as 20% to 30% of individuals aged 20 to 40 years Despite of taking good care about my health and diet, I was not able to avoid those irritating marks on my face. Every morning while brushing, I used to tally whether the count was the same or it has increased. Although it is an extremely common issue, but it takes all your self confidence out of you and you feel very low every time.

acneAcne can be expected if you see one of the following things occurring on your face and other parts of your body. Blackheads mark the onset of acne issue. These are black spots generally of the size of a pinhead. The second most commonly seen marks are whiteheads. Whiteheads or pustules are the most common type of acne, are usually the first lesions people get. The last and the most annoying acne are deep pustules and cysts. They are usually red and swollen with visible pus. They are the most damaging type as they penetrate deep into the skin and also have a tendency to leave marks (temporary or permanent). Deep acne can be more severe – it’s usually red, inflamed, filled with pus, and painful to touch. With the help of much-advertised chemical products you can never get rid of those pesky pimples. At first place you should identify what is causing those black spots. There are some products that create pimples. If you love cosmetics and want make up to stay on your face 24 hours, let me tell you it is more harmful than beneficial. Using artificial chemicals on you face is one of the biggest reasons behind clogging of pores and acne. Eating habits do affect our skin but what you apply also has equal action, but some foods also may cause acne. Not only spicy foods, but some other products are also culprits behind your pimples like bread or eggs. Have a look at what are the foods you should stay away from if you want to stay away from pimples. If you opt for some other method of treatment too, make sure you stick to the diet plan, as it will accelerate you skin cleaning process.

Canned drinkscanned-drinks

The soft drinks or more appropriately specifying carbonated drinks are actually not as healthy as they appear to be. These drinks are also loaded with carbon dioxide which is a contributor of pimples on your glowing face. Not only tooth decay and other issues, these foods cause acne as well.

Potato chips

potato-chipsEverything containing starch and oil is not at all good for your skin; in fact it should be on the top of the acne triggering food. We cannot deny that we all love potato chips even though we all know about their harms on human skin and health. But trust me if you have the problem of acne, stay away from potato chips if you do not want to see those marks on your skin permanently.


Maybe popcorn is very delicious, it is the favorite of many people in the world, and the best companion of a movie. Some people cannot go to the movie without popcorn, other like it especially when the movie is not so good. The composition of popcorn contains a rich content of trans-fat, starch, and dairy products. All these are the real enemies of your skin.


These are the real source of allergens which may cause skin rashes and acne. On the other hand, shrimp also contain high levels of iodine which is totally not good for skin. Those who are regular victims of acne should definitely stay away this type of food.


Not all fruits are good for your skin, and peach is one of them. Peach is sweet but it can be one of the foods that cause acne you should avoid. Although it tastes extremely temptingly sour and sweet, those suffering from acne should anyway avoid this.

vegetable-oilVegetable oil

Canola oil, corn oil, margarine, and other vegetable oils stimulate inflammation. Hence, it is advised to consume extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for a clearer acne-free skin rather than going for trans fats.


What to say about the smell and taste of this fruit. Mango is the king of all fruits due to its amazingly sweet and addictive taste.  In addition to giving satisfaction to your taste buds, this beautiful fruit can give pimples to your skin. Nevertheless, for sweet, ripe mango, if you eat too much of this fruit, your body heat will be increased. Children will be easy to get acne and pimples.


Gluten causes inflammation and digestion related problems that indirectly cause acne. Foods such as flour, cereal, bread, wheat, and pasta are the biggest causes of inflammation in your body that comes out in the form of acne on the skin. Any form of gluten is as dangerous as sugar.

Foods high in sugar

Sugar can absolutely cause breakouts, because it is pro-inflammatory. Hence foods like chocolate that are highly loaded with sugar are sometime a cause of acne. In order to avoid those irritating pimples, make sure you get a control on your chocolate craving. If you like it sweet very much, try to fill your throat with fresh fruits and other sweets, but not with artificial packaged sweeteners.

spicy-foodsSpicy foods

Spices are known for being responsible for worsening of acne and breakouts. The food containing many spices is very bad for you, specifically if are an acne sufferer. Meaning is that you can get only one thing, either tastes or flawless skin. Try to avoid spicy food and go for plain fruits and veggies.


A study published by the American Academy of Dermatology in the year 2007, backs this link between cheese and acne. The study monitored 43 young men most of them were in teen age, with acne over a 3-month period. Researchers discovered that those men who consumed a lot of cheese and other dairy products like cheese had more episodes of pimples.


Nuts like almonds; groundnut and even dates have a direct relation with the re- occurrence of acne. There are certain compounds in these foods that make the pimples more likely to occur. Especially if you consume them in very high amount during summer, they will definitely be seen somewhere on your skin.


Salsa is the king of foods not only for me, but for many others like me. But when it comes to the list of foods causing acne, salsa is on the top. It is full of vegetables, and hence has a high nutritional value, no doubt. Yet, salsa is also acidic, since it contains tomatoes and vinegar, two ingredients that tend to break skin out if eaten regularly, or in large quantities.


Coffee magnifies your body’s stress response, boosting stress hormones that lead to acne. Coffee drinks are often spiked with milk and sugar, which are two of the top four dietary acne triggers.



Commercially produced type of breads also has sugar, soybean oil, and dairy. All the three are the most common culprits that are believed it cause acne.  Now you know what a slice of bread can do to your face.

Peanut butterpeanut-butter

This can be for a variety of reasons, depending on your personal situation. For some, the natural oils and fats can clog pores and lead to breakouts. For other people, it can be as simple as the natural allergens in peanuts that promote inflammation, gout and acne in sensitive individuals. If you still want to eat, just replace peanut butter with sun butter that gives same taste but prevents acne.


Everyone knows that the oil in pizza makes acne suffers breakout. Feel free to have a piece of your favorite pizza, but make sure you do not make it a habit. Consuming oily food regularly is not favorable for your skin health at all.


The small outcome of smoking a cigarette is acne, as smoking reduces the supply of oxygen of your skin. If the threat of cancer and asthma was not enough for you to quit smoking, add this also to the list. Now you may feel like quitting smoking. Wait, it is not smoking alone, but there are many other foods that contribute to your skin condition, have a look.


Spinach is high in iron content making it a suitable cure for many skin ailments, but certainly not acne due to the presence of iodine in its green leaves. On one hand it is good for your skin, while on the other side it may be the cause of skin damage. The netter choice is to eat thee green leafy vegetable, but in moderation if you have acne problem.


Nuts contain carbohydrate, protein, and vitamins which are beneficial to our liver and kidneys, adjusting the gastric function inside our body. However it is not that easy to digest these nuts. They sometimes also are a direct cause of acne and pimples. If you are an acne patient, make sure peanut is not on your list of foods you should have.


Oily skin is an outcome of excess of oily food intake, which is not so uncommon in today’s world. In addition to the oily skin issue, greasy foods like bacon may also cause acne. Even if it directly cannot do much about acne, by making our skin oily, this convenient food increases the chances of acne very much as oily skin attracts dirt causing clogging of pores leading to acne.


Jackfruit is a fruit which causing hot body temperature and pimples if you overeat it. However, aromatic jackfruit, citrus yellow sweet berry will make many people cannot resist. Therefore, whether how much you want to eat jackfruit, you need to remember not to eat a lot at once and continuously.

Preserved food items

The food items stored for future use are protected against spoiling using preservatives. These preservatives protect the food, and make it suitable to use even after a month in some cases. But these chemicals have their own side effects on human body when eaten along with the food. One of those side effects is acne.